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Making potholes!
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According to legend, Gremlins are little invisible creatures that attach themselves to your ride. Their sole purpose is to cause unexplainable problems with your motorcycle. Have you ever had a problem that just left you wondering how the hell it happened? Over the last 36 years I’ve seen and had my majority of unexpected problems that left me stuck on the side of the road. Grrrrr this pisses me off in a funny sort of way now that I think back on these stupid little things that have gone wrong.

I rode my motorcycle 250 miles to attend a meeting in Penticton and my bike died unexpectedly 30 miles from the meeting. I thought to myself this is strange. Why the fuc* did it just die like that? I got off my bike, looked at a couple things thinking this shouldn’t  have happened. I couldn’t figure it out. After finding nothing obvious, I started it and it ran for a couple minutes then died.Gremlin Catcher “I’m having a WTF moment.” Have you ever had a WTF moment while riding or driving your vehicle? “Fu*k me” was my next thought! I get off my motorcycle and notice the fuel cock was in the off position. “Are you kidding me! How the hell does that just happen I say to myself out loud. Now I start laughing! I opened the fuel flow, started my motorcycle and rode the rest of the way to the meeting. As I was riding I couldn’t shake that WTF thought that kept rolling around in my head and I was still laughing as I was riding trying to figure this out. I get to the meeting and I tell a friend what happened and he says to me “it’s Gremlins“. He was very matter of fact about this! I said “what are you talking about Gremlins?” He said, “A Gremlin has attached itself to your motorcycle and it’s Fuc*ing around with things as you’re riding!” Legends say, the only way to get rid of a Gremlin that’s attached itself to your motorcycle, is to hang a small bell from the lowest point of your vehicle because the chiming of the bell causes the Gremlins to go crazy and fall off. The legends also say that when this happens and the Gremlins fall off, they hit the ground with such force that they cause potholes to appear in the road behind you!  Now that’s funny! I’ve always wondered where potholes came from and now I know! lol

Dirty Gremlins! “The dictionary defines a Gremlin as being an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault, especially a mechanical or electronic one.” Have you heard of these Gremlin things?

After doing some research on Gremlins it’s occurred to me that I have had many gremlins in my life that caused unexplainable things over the years. I was with a friend 20 years back cruising in my 88 Mustang Cobra GT and for some stupid reason he slammed his head in the car door as he got in. This wasn’t a love tap. This dude seen stars! Not sure how the hell he did it but I’m still laughing my ass off thinking about it to this day. Must have been a Gremlin! I was with a group of friends on another occasion when the car I was driving caught fire for no apparent reason and my step brother Brian got trapped in the back seat as we all bailed. His seat belt wouldn’t come undone. He was in there panicking and we were outside laughing. He did get out eventually. The fire extinguished itself not sure why but it did. There was no damage but it was quite the scare for Brian lmao. My mother and my aunt got locked inside the car on a hot summers day and couldn’t get out of the car because they didn’t know how the power door locks worked. They were in there just dripping in sweat. When I came out of the store there was a group of people around the car trying frantically to get them out. They both looked like a couple of pit-bulls trapped in a sauna. Talk about ‘We Tah Did’ or what. Obviously everyone should have a bell hanging from the bottom of their rides to avoid these Gremlins catching a lift and ruining a perfectly good day. Ring my bell.

Give the gift of the bell to someone you care about and tell them the story behind your kind offering. These stylish little bells are a great conversation starter and can be seen on a lot of the old school bikers motorcycles.  The next time you’re out for a ride and you see a bunch of bikers parked at a coffee shop, park or pub, check out their motorcycles and see if you can spot the bell. Remember this story the next time you get your ride on. Look for the little things that start to happen. It could be you, a friend or a loved one that’s having the issues. The one thing for sure is you’ve probably picked up a Gremlin somewhere. As you can tell i’m not a writer so if you see any mistakes in this story it must be Gremlins screwing with my computer lmao…

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